Praying to God I will not succeed

Another appointment with harsh criticism. About my role as a therapist, about all I did, said and thought.

I felt lousy. Even a professionals happen to feel lousy when under pressure.

She handed me a note when she left:

“I try my best to make you hate me,

praying to God I will not succed “


Afraid of beeing grown-up

Cannabis and amphetamine addiction, 20 years old.

– Can you really stop using drugs?

– Yes, if I want to

– But you go on, and on. Then why?

Long pause. He was looking at some pines outside the window. Thinking.

– I believe I`m afraid of beeing a grown-up.

Tears, then aggression

– Fuck you, bastard

The pines waved softly at me in the breeze outside. My turn thinking